What the papers say

We move on Friday this week and so Klaus went out this morning to buy a Sunday Times, to read and then immediately recycle as we spend the day packing. 

A few things in the home section caught my eye. In a feature about bold decorative statements in the smallest room (something I am all in favour of) a few interesting sites were mentioned. 

First up (from my re-jigged list) is Beware the Moon. A high-end wallpaper manufacturer I particularly like the Ostrich range. I like the idea of the She range but they are somehow too sparse for my taste. 

Next and already a recurring theme is patterned tiles this time from Welbeck. These are I admit a long way along the road to chintzville but what the hell. Then lastly I really like these quirky lights from originalbtc.

I’d say a bit weird for a bathroom but a very charming idea. 

Right we’re off for a walk in the park then down to some serious packing.

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