Hold the front page

So we’re in. We’ve taken a lot of  “before” photos which I will post up here shortly when I have organised them. 

The first things to happen will be big ones. We have to rewire the house and also get central heating fitted. That’s going to take some weeks and will start in two weeks time.

However over the weekend we started taking a look at things. We pulled up the carpet in the hall. Here’s a before…

And here’s an after showing boards in a pretty good state.

But what I wanted to post here was some of the newspapers we found which allows us to date the floor. Carpet was put down in 1977, we know as we found this…

And under the carpet was lino from 1974 and according to this shot a dachshund.

The archeological evidence…

And some ads from the time

So the conclusion is that this carpet really had been there a long time.

3 thoughts on “Hold the front page

  1. Please tell me you are going to frame that Sun – it’s brilliant. I want to see it hanging in your hallway, which looks a little bit less like a provincial B&B now you’ve taken away the carpet (which is sad).

  2. Klaus wants to frame it next to a poster advertising him impersonating Bing live at Canary Wharf shopping centre. It may be a brillaint idea of a bit of poor taste. I am uncertain.

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