Before photos

To go back to the beginning I have been meaning to post some shots that show how the house was before we moved in.  These images taken by our photographer friend Paul are a good guide.First up is the front room which we will make into a kitchen / dinning room (the current kitchen is part of a room on the first floor that has been divided into two; a narrow bathroom and a narrow kitchen which unfortunately cuts across a window). The plan is to have the more formal eating area at the front and the kitchen at the back so we look out over the garden. Not the heating, we have this kind of thing in every room and they will all need to be replaced with central heating. 

what will be the kitchen

The staircase has been enclosed and so we’ll remove that and need to restore the banisters etc.

enclosed stairs

 A peek at the bathroom which is one half of the upstairs room we will remove the partition wall from. This side has its half of the window boarded up and so a new smaller window has been cut to give some light. 

peeking into the bathroom



Then on the downside (literally) we have the basement / lower ground floor. This area hasn’t been lived in for quite some time, probably decades. We’re hoping to make this a semi-independent flat with a small kitchen and bathroom which friends and relations can use but as you can see it really needs some work. 



And the creepiest room in the house. The storage space under the outside stairs which run up to the front door. Many people are too scared to even approach. One day this will be something cool like a wine cellar but if we’re honest that’s some way off. 


2 thoughts on “Before photos

  1. I like that weird pastel blue bathroom suite and the floral paper! And the heater in the living room reminds me of my Grandad’s. Can you turn the cold room under the stairs into a dairy room so I can manufacture cheese and butter there? (Your garden is definitely big enough to keep goats in, I’ve seen the pictures).

  2. I did want to keep a shetland pony in the outbuilding but we could change to goats. I think a herd of goats is what central London is crying out for.
    I know what you mean about the bathroom suite, I kind of like it but unfortunately it’s not really in good enough condition to revive.

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