Open plan living

The first big piece of work to take place was taking down the stud wall between what was the bathroom and the kitchen which are both on the  first floor.  Here they are before:

The wall coming down….

and now as one open plan kitchen – bathroom. Soon they’ll be all the rage.

where the old walls once met

On the first night Klaus had a bath and I did some washing up at the same time.

6 thoughts on “Open plan living

  1. Having loved the blue bathroom suite, I’m now also in love with those kitchen tiles. My taste is all over the place. Glad you’re happy to install a herd of goats – Central London’s first artisan cheese can only be months away.

  2. We’ve kept some of the tiles so we can use them as coasters. I’ll make sure to use them when it’s all habitable and you come round for a cuppa to discuss the cheese business.

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