In the pipeline

Work is well underway now with the plumbing and rewiring. The plumbing is for the central heating but also to replace some of the pipes in the house which are not the best. We’ve spent £1000 on copper so far, not the most exciting purchase ever. Here’s some.

and some more..

Because all this is happening we have no hot water and so we’ve been temporarily forced out and are staying with some very kind friends. The dogs are also still away too and with bear traps like this as you come in the front door we really can’t safely have them back as yet.


hole inside front door


I have already stepped into this several times, mainly when struggling with yet another section of carpet we are removing to allow access for the plumbers and also because it needs to be replaced. 

Here are some images of the pipes going in.


sitting room


looking into the first floor sitting room




All the boards that have been lifted will be carefully replaced as at least on the ground floor we intend to have exposed floorboards. We have about another week and a half to go as we have to wait for the new system to be linked up to the mains water plus we need the radiators to arrive. 

We’ve gone for radiators that look like this for most room, although we are sourcing them via a friend so hope they will be cheaper. 

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