When one door opens so does another one

In the continued theme of lifting things up and seeing what’s there we’ve done the same thing with the doors. When we moved in the vast majority had a simple panel on them which made us suspect that the original doors were underneath and luckily they were.

There’s some patching up required as multiple locks have been cut into the doors.

The ones shown here are all in the more public rooms and have six panels in what to my eye is an unusal formation, the centre panel seems much smaller than I’d normally expect. The doors on the top floor bedroom doors are simpler with only four panels. So one type for family and one for guests.

They also need to be stripped back and I think we’ll probably just take them off their hinges and get this done professionally although in some cases it’s a bit of a shame, particularly the bathroom door which has actually ended up with quite a nice effect.

2 thoughts on “When one door opens so does another one

  1. All that I can say girlfriend is that you are so brave! This project is so out of my league, but I am so curious and I really look forward to seeing you give this home some much needed love and a life purpose!

    Cyber hug, Mon

    • We seem to be in a consistently getting worse stage, but soon we’ll start adding things in and we’ll feel like we’re actually starting to improve this house! Or at least I hope so.

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