Irish Inspiration

Last weekend I went with Sara on a long weekend to visit our friend of Gin and Crumpets  fame who is studying at the famous cookery school.

While there we visited the exceptionally lovely school gardens and since we’re in the throes of planning our garden I took some shots as inspiration.

Mrs Scarecrow

Mr Scarecrow

I loved the colour contrasts in this shot, particularly the flowers against the red of the hedge.

Klaus is a big fan of the box hedging so this is always interesting to see.

Subtle planting on steps


And while we were there we also paid a visit to Lismore Castle and walked around the gardens there. At this point I realise it sounds as though we released our inner Little Old Ladies – we did do lots of fun youthful things as well. Promise.

As we’ve mentioned here before we’re going to try to grow some roses in our new garden to go with the one plant valiantly growing there already. So here come some shots of roses.

Rows of sweet peas mixed in with the vegetable garden.

And then wide English Country Cottage style boarders.

All a bit grand for us and on an enormous scale but maybe we can create a bit of this in South East London.

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