Wash Day

We now have a functioning bathroom . Whilst the room itself is awaiting flooring, plastering, tiles, paint etc we have the brand new bath in and it’s working well.  

This bath comes from Aston Matthews and is extremely heavy. The underneath is left so you can paint it yourself and we’re yet to decide what colour to go with. We also need to buy some taps as these are a temporary measure where we have taken the taps off the old bath we removed.

Our amazing eBay purchased loo and sink have also been fitted and are working well.


99p sink


The shower plumbing has been put in place.  The tray, screen and tiles have been bought and are sitting downstairs and are all yet to be fitted. So it’s baths all round at the moment which is a bit decadent. It’s also a bit racy as we haven’t sorted out a blind yet for the window. That’s next on the list.

This room was actually two rooms when we first moved in and in this photo you can just see the door we have boarded up in the back right hand part of the room. This was previously access to a galley kitchen which you reached from the sitting room. 

The utility cupboard has now been enclosed and the washing machine fitted so we can finally do our washing at home again – many thanks to everyone who has let us come round to dinner with a bag of washing in recent weeks. We’d be much grubbier without you. 

The floor is in need of some serious attention. We haven’t even finished taking out all the nails as yet as you can see from this shot.

We’re currently undecided whether to keep the floorboards or have a different type of flooring. I’m keen on a black and which checkerboard look but we are living with it for the moment while we make up our minds and check out prices.

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