How we’re living now

We’re workmen free at the moment and Klaus is busy preparing for a show which means not much work is happening on the house. However on the plus side since things have settled down a bit we do have a chance to get all the rooms a bit tidy and as functional as possible. 

The front room has a kind of working kitchen. Our last kitchen was mainly free-standing and so we had some bits and pieces to bring with us like the plate rack. The sink was upstairs in the original kitchen (now part of the bathroom) and so we have just moved it downstairs for the time being.  

You can see where we have just roughly painted some sections behind shelves to make it easier when we paint this room properly. It’s all pigeon from Farrow and Ball as we plan to use that throughout this room. 

I’ve got a few paintings I have been working on in this shot. Slightly surprisingly I was letting the first rough stage dry on the oven top, the oven wasn’t on of course. It was just the only place to keep them out of harms way at the time. 

I have been using the other end of the room as a temporary studio space. We’ve had the internal doors partly closed to give me a bit of privacy. 

This is the view back from my studio area.  

The light in the front of the picture I really don’t like, the one at the other end of the room we brought with us from the old house. It’s really intended for the hall but it looks OK where it is for now. 

In this next photo we are in the hall facing into the kitchen. The red mop and bucket makes an entrance in all these shots. That wasn’t intentional but given the general level of work needed I’m not sure these styling lapses really matter.

Outside this room and on the landing you can see that we’ve stripped back much of the wallpaper but left the carpet down for now. 

And upstairs is the sitting room. We have done nothing to this room apart from take up the carpet so we could get the central heating plumbed in, put in radiators and some of our furniture. I know the settee needs upholstering but I kind of like it like this. 

When we were decorating our last house which to be fair was a much smaller job than this one of the most annoying things was moving boxes and furniture from room to room. This time we have the luxury of the basement which is where we are keeping as much as we can out of the way for now. And here they all are. 

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