Channeling my inner little old lady

This project has given Klaus much amusement as it’s so twee and apparently doesn’t fit with my image but I have been trying out a bit of embroidery for the first time. I bought some plain coasters from Zara in the sale and just started out.

To make it easier you can mark on the pattern or just doodle onto the material with a fabric pencil. I did have a starter book so I could work out some different stitches, but all the ones I have used are really easy.

I’ve done  three and have one to finish. Since they are a bit slapdash they take no time at all, just an evening in front of the TV.

And here they are doing their thing with more flowers but this time the real thing.

In the back here you can see a new candle stick holder. It’s quite a clever one I bought in Stockholm which has the matches stored inside.

Once the matches are slotted in you can still strike a match on the side of the box. I think it’s pretty neat. A kind of matches version of those mugs you can get with a slot to put your biscuit in.

There’s no doubt these coasters are pretty cheesy but I’ve quite enjoyed working on them and it’s a very easy way to add a bit of interest to a cheap / bland piece of fabric.

I have an idea for a set of napkins and placemats with the faces of our most recent Prime Ministers on them, one on each. I haven’t started yet but I have collected some images so we’ll see if it works out.

8 thoughts on “Channeling my inner little old lady

  1. Where you find the time for this is a mystery to me. I would be interested in a set of infamous dictators if you are thinking of expanding the product range.
    Nice blog BTW.

  2. Lovely placemats, Mrs Ling would be very impressed. If you are taking commissions I would be interested in purchasing some.

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