Ingestre Pavillion

I’ve been on another short break this time in the UK. We stayed along with some friends in an unusual property near Stafford which belongs to the Landmark Trust. The Landmark Trust only has quirky properties on its books and the money from the holiday rentals goes towards the upkeep. Ours had a very imposing facade but actually a much newer and modest property behind making it quite cosy for a few days and probably brilliant in the winter or for Christmas.

Here are some shots of the exterior and the fantastic view. 

And some interior images. The sitting room is the most striking and has a balcony giving great views from above. I really like the strong red they’ve used. 


The bedrooms were simple but also really attractive. 

Not keen on the 80s paint effect on the walls though. 

And then some nice touches and details around the property. 

A bit of an advert for The Landmark Trust.

The house was very beautiful and they have many more interesting places to try. I think we’ll try and stay in some more at some point.

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