Uncovering the fireplace and recovering the ceiling

As the weather turns colder we’ve been thinking about getting our fireplaces sorted. We need a complete new grate and surround for the dining room fire and for the sitting room we have a surround but need a new grate to make it useable. 

The sitting room fireplace is in a classic Georgian design and we’ll probably get something similar for downstairs. However the one in the sitting room is covered in thick white paint. When we bought the house it was mentioned to us that this was a marble fireplace underneath. So we’ve had a quick look using a heat gun to peel away a bit of the paint. 

What’s was really surprising at this stage was that it seemed to be two colours. A normal pale tone and what looked like a lime green outer section.

Removing the paint with a heat gun was probably not the best idea from a health point of view as we don’t know how old it is (lead is a worry) plus the smell is truly terrible. So we ordered some specialist products to take the paint off and fully reveal what lies beneath. You have to keep it under clingfilm to keep the moisture in. 

and it worked. 

This was the results after leaving the paste on for one week. A few bits still on but we can sort those and the lime green has strangely vanished. We’re so pleased this has turned out well as replacing this like for like would have been really costly.

 Now, still in the same room but looking up.

You may remember this disaster where the ceiling collapsed.

Here’s the original post about what happened. We also had that repaired this week.

Here’s an action shot.

Nice technique.

And the ceiling all done afterwards – original features intact.

And so now we’re in a position to start decorating this room. We think we’re going with carpet in here, but otherwise we have no firm ideas.

4 thoughts on “Uncovering the fireplace and recovering the ceiling

  1. How nice is that fireplace? Obviously I was hopeful for some crazy lime green marble, but what you’ve got will do, won’t it? And a fixed ceiling, too. It’s all coming together.

  2. Loving the blog. I don’t comment enough. When I saw the reveal of that fireplace I had a massive intake of breath. I take it when you did the same you started coughing due to the toxic fumes?
    We should have you guys over for dinner soon as our place is coming together as well.
    Keep up the amazing work.

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