We’ve sprung a leak

This past week should have been one to enjoy our newly spruced up sitting room. The carpet arrived giving a cosy if a little bland feel making our plan to have rugs (or one large rug singular) in the room more urgent. We’ve also been able to unpack one of the many boxes downstairs and retrieve cushions, pictures and general knick knacks that are nice to have around.

We’ve also got a new sofa to replace the one taken out in the ceiling collapse. This one is a sofa bed and is from (as usual at the moment) Ikea. We bought it with this rather Grandma friendly print and a spare plain white version we can switch it to if we fancy it.

But then disaster struck. We were sitting in the kitchen and Klaus noticed this – and we don’t mean the horrible textured wallpaper.

He’d also been going on about a loss of pressure in the boiler  (we have very exciting chats) and consequently was suspicious about a leak. And so he investigated upstairs lifting our newly fitted carpet. We could just about make out some water when we peered through the boards. Drat.

After lifting the boards we found that one of the screws had indeed gone straight through the pipe and we had a slow leak.

Well slow until we removed the screw.

We had to urgently drain the system.

Then drain the water trapped in the ceiling.

We managed to get just cold water back on as this was a pipe connected to the boiler. That was a real set back as we were back to living here without hot water or heating. But in the end it was only for 24 hours as the hole was fixed the next day and the carpet went back down surprising well.

Which means this sitting room is back in action. I had a few more additions as well. A neat little calendar block which whilst new we picked up from Debden Antiques.

Plus some new lamps which I bought in the Peckham branch of Poundstretcher (not a pound shop they just make your pound go further). It does take some imagination to get things in Poundstretcher but they normally have some nice pieces amongst the less attractive which I often see for sale elsewhere at twice the price. These lamps including the shade with £15 each, which is very good. Well I think so anyway.

Last buy was some fabric, also picked up in Peckham. I’m planning to make some cushion covers and maybe cover some chair seats with it.

It looks a bit lurid now but I think it will mix in well.

4 thoughts on “We’ve sprung a leak

  1. I love that calendar. And I’m also enjoying imagining you or Klaus pulling that screw out then shrieking and hastily trying to plug the leak with your fingers. Sometimes my imagination is a little bit evil.

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry about the leak! But maybe the new treasures for the home made up for that hickup.

    I am a tad envious of your vintage calendar and the lamps. Send them to me if you get tired of them!

    ox, Mon

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