Totally plastered and a collection of random images

A new year and we’re back on track with the house. Starting with a big plastering project.

We’ve decided to get the front hall and the top three floors of stairs done. Some sections need to be totally replaced as the plaster is shot, some bits are full of holes and some sections just need simple skimming to touch up what is already there.

But to be ready for the plasterer we had to get all the wallpaper stripped so it was easy for him to start work.

Holes roughly filled.

Some places are quite hard to reach…

Unfortunately we didn’t leave enough time and some late night work was required.

In the front hall the arch has been sadly ruined. We need to look for some corbels to fit beneath this which are as in keeping as we can mange to give this a bit of detail and interest back.

And so we’re all set and work started today. Once done we’re onto choosing a colour scheme. We’re hoping that tidying the hall and stairs up will make the house look less like a building site and more like a home that needs a bit of work. It’s a subtle but important difference…

Next up a selection of scrapbook shots, images I have collected. In some cases I want to keep them as reminders for the house and some I just like.

In no particular order.

A lampshade made out of a bucket.

A chair with cutlery printed onto it.

A matching row of lights (I’ve always wanted this for the kitchen).

Some great floor tiles.

Plants growing in old tins.

And finally a kitchen display in Anthropologie.

10 thoughts on “Totally plastered and a collection of random images

  1. Impressive. I really like the picture of the plants in old tins. I had tomatoes and chillis in wine boxes last summer.

  2. I found your blog yesterday while looking for some photos of Farrow and Ball’s “pigeon” paint colour for our sitting room and your photos came up:)
    I love what you are doing to the house, and your blog is inspirational (love the colour of you front door….I’d love to know what paint you used?)

    Good luck with the plastering.


    • Hi Maria, many thanks for the encouragement. The fornt door is Farrow and Ball as well but Downpipe. We’re planning on using that for the window woodwork as well

  3. Great work. Yeah its a shame that lovely detailing on the arch in the hallway didn’t make it. I’m sure you will find something soon though.
    Keep up the good work and don’t forget to relax as often as possible. I find wine helps. Oh that’s a good point, where are you going to have the wine cellar? What ingenious ideas do you have for wine storage and lets see pics.

    Ben & Sus xxx

    • Wine right, thanks for the tip! Well the longer terms plan is to use the old coal store under the front steps for wine. But at the moment it’s only a vague idea.

    • Hi Sundeep and thanks for your comment. Yes we’re loving the pigeon colour which we have in our kitchen / dinning room. We also used it in our last house just on one wall in a bedroom and liked it so much we’ve used it again. In fact imagining the shutters painted with it was one of the reasons we bought this house!

  4. I have a lot of affection for that hallway carpet you’ve currently got. Grew up wandering up and down one very similar (why were really heavy patterns so popular). Will be very interested to see the wine cellar take shape 😉

  5. good to see the house is shaping up well, very impressive amount of work you two have got through.
    Come and check out our kitchen wallpaper. We have the london toille in blue. Didnt quite expect the blunt depiction of london life, but it looks great!

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