An update in three parts

In recent weeks we have made a bit of progress.

First up is the plaster in the hall and on the first landing. It’s been done and dried, so we can now decide on colours.

This part was a particularly bad spot and we’ve had it simply redone for now. But I’d still like to replace some corbels at some point soon.

And now we need to finish stripping all the paper from this tricky section on the top floor. I’m a bit afraid of this bit as we’ll need to use ladders on the stairs. Not keen.

Then next is the basement. We’re due to start work down here shortly as at present it’s still totally untouched. We have a totally unusable bathroom down there which we will reinstate. And so in readiness it has been cleared of all the junk it has accumulated in the (what must be) decades since it was last functioning.

As you can see it’s in a sorry state.

And from one bathroom to another.

The one upstairs one is almost done.

We were going to do the floor in black and white tiles, but we decided that tiles were too cold and lino too horrible and we couldn’t find anything affordable in-between. So instead we painted the boards the same colour as the floors in the bedrooms. And actually I now think we should use this colour more elsewhere and have greater consistency in the flooring. I used to think it was a bit unimaginative to paint everything white (or in this case Farrow and Ball Strong White) but now I wonder if it isn’t a good idea and allows you to be more daring with wall colours and still feel like all the rooms and house are connected. Anyway one to think over as going with white floors in the front hall and kitchen might be a bit much – not sure.

This piece of furniture next to the sink is a new addition. We picked it up for next to nothing in a dodgy looking local shop.

The clothes airer is still going strong and proving to be really useful.

I am not certain about the colours of the walls. At the moment they are just white and I quite like it. But I did have my heart set on using some wallpaper and colour in this room. Ideally this paper from Timorous Beasties.

But the one thing we have decided not to touch is the paint on the door. I like it just the way it is.

This room was actually subdivided into two rooms when we moved in, a thin kitchen and a thin bathroom. We took out the partition wall and made it one room again.

The pictures from that stage are here.

6 thoughts on “An update in three parts

  1. I really love how the colour has worked out in the kitchen. I just wonder for the natural light, if this colour would work for us in a north facing room (snug)…Is your kitchen south facing?
    as for the bathroom, it’s fantastic, I’d eventually like to find a bath like yours, and your towel cupboard is lovely. Where did you get those towels hanging up from? They look vintage.
    We are going to attack out stairs soon, and I found out on the internet that multi functional ladders exist that are perfect for stripping and painting stairs and other awkward places.

  2. @ Anna. Thanks! The colour on the bath is actually just the natural metal. We can paint it but I think we’ll probably just leave it as is, I have got used to it.

    @Maria. The colour in our kitchen is Farrow and Ball Pigeon. It’s a long room and has windows at both end so we do have a north facing section. I think it works well there but the room is pretty big. However sometimes I think a small room without great light is actually improved but using a strong “dark colour”, making it cosier than trying to lighten it with white or whatever. So I’d go for it, it’s a lovely colour! The towels are relatively new and from Anthropologie, I agree they do look brilliantly vintage. Thanks for the tip on the ladder – that sounds much better.

    • Hi Julia, I think it is mainly the light, the photos were all taken late afternoon I think. the walls are just plain white and the floors are Farrow and Ball Strong White

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