Photography Project

Recently I got a surprising email. An online mail order shop specialising in traditional home and garden products emailed me. They said they had stumbled on my blog and would I be interested in working on a project with them. The plan was / is that they send me items for sale on the site and I photograph them in our home to act as lifestyle shots on the site.

I am not a professional photographer and I am also living in  half-finished home so I was a bit unsure but I thought the idea sounded fun and was keen to give it a go. Plus they are happy for me to work at my own pace (presumably within reason).

And so I took delivery of the first batch of items and I am probably a quarter of the way through. I got a few more items than I had bargained for straight away including some things for the garden it’s just been too bleak to think about starting with. But I have taken a few shots here and a couple in my friend’s house when I ran out of reasonably finished rooms. I have begun with some of the smaller and I therefore hoped easier items.

Here are a selection.

I still have quite a few things to go. So once I have a batch together I will post some more.

7 thoughts on “Photography Project

  1. I’m a sucker for all those eclectic home & garden mail-order companies & websites – and on the basis of your wonderful photos & styling I would be totally torn between buying those keys, that lantern and the twine. Gorgeous!

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