Photography project part two

I’ve posted about some photography I have been asked to do for an online shop that specialises in traditional home and garden products on here before. Some of the first pictures I took are here.

Since then I have been working through some more.

There’s quite a range of products to do but I’ve quite enjoyed setting up the shots and adjusting them as I go, working out what works.

And here are some of them.

11 thoughts on “Photography project part two

  1. I really like the interior bell. I’m not sure why. Possibly it’s so I can invite people to ring my bell whenever they come round; I am that childish. Gorgeous pictures.

  2. I LOVE that pot hanger thing and the welly boot stand…!!! Got to try and bring some £££ in though rather than coveting more and more stuff 😉 Lovely shots xx

  3. I love the pot base/bottom with the birds sitting on the edge. Do you know where I can buy one? I live in the US though. Your photos are great, it’s neat to see the different items. I love seeing how you’re renovating your house as well. Your blog has given me a lot of great decorating ideas – so thank you very much!

  4. I love the old, pattinated door, with the wonky door handle! The fact that it hasn’t been ruthlessly renovated just adds to its charm.

  5. I came across the distressed bathroom door photo (featuring your dog!) on Pinterest and then stumbled upon your blog which is wonderful- just wish I had found it earlier- we are also knee deep in the rewarding/frustrating/exciting process of renovating a Georgian house! I have left a couple of doors unpainted/distressed as a result of seeing yours-thank you! I have loved reading all your blogs and they are giving me renewed enthusiasm to keep on tackling a daunting project.By the way,the door photo is my all time favourite photo of all the many thousands on Pinterest! Also wishing that I had stopped and taken a few more photos of our project,they really help to show that progress is being made,even if it doesn’t feel like it at times! The best moments are when you uncover hidden panelling or wonderful doors behind chipboard- it makes it all worthwhile!

    • Thanks Lynne, that’s such a kind comment. I know what you mean about taking more pictures as you go. This is my second project (this one is much bigger – maybe too big) and I really regretted not taking more pictures the first time around as it’s so easy to forget all the stages and how much you’ve done. Ive also just been framing some of my favourite shots for a wall of photos – maybe I should include the bathroom one now!

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