Kitchen repairs, choosing colours and more work on the basement

There’s been a problem in the kitchen.  Some initial work was done some time ago in this room and colours tested but since then it has left it in a semi-fuctional state while other bigger problems are dealt with.

But there’s been a problem. Some plasterboard that was used to line the gap in the fireplace where the oven now fits,  has buckled and bowed in quite a worrying fashion. It’s been checked out and it’s nothing dangerous, the plasterboard just wasn’t given room to move as it dried and settled. It looked really worrying though.

So the solution was to take off all the tiles and plasterboard and the area has now been rendered and will (probably) be painted rather than tiled again. Here is it with some damp spots where the render is being sealed.

The rest of this room is looking kind of OK. There’s a small desk in here now, and even some flowers when I don’t find the general building dust too depressing to bother.

Not much more can be done to this room at the moment as all the floorboards will need to come up again to put the electrics in the basement which is still largely untouched. In fact if anything the basement looks a bit worse. It needs damp treatment (quotes are happening at the moment) and therefore some paneling that was probably just put in to hide the problem had to come off.

Hmm lovely.

So on a more positive note the entrance hall has been taking a step forward. Again the floor is still untouched because the boards will need to come up, but the current plan is that this will be  Farrow and Ball Strong White which is the same as the bathroom and bedrooms.

And on the walls just on this level, Farrow and Ball Cinder Rose (the same colour as the kitchen shelves).

Just painting this hall and adding in this radiator cover has made quite a big change because when you walk in it doesn’t immediately say “building site” anymore, it doesn’t say “finished home either” but it’s much nicer.

Cinder Rose is quite a strong colour, but even so I wanted a strong colour for the two doors in this hall that really contrasts, whilst the door frames and skirting will be Strong White like the floor.

I got a few samples including some of the new colours from (it’s my favourite) Farrow and Ball.

And I’ve gone for the most punchy, Arsenic.

So far a very mixed response…

And finally some random objects I have been collecting.

A beetle paperweight.

Some regal tins.

A biscuit to hold biscuits.

And some birds, standing guard in the bathroom that I bought in a market in Cape Town.

8 thoughts on “Kitchen repairs, choosing colours and more work on the basement

  1. LOVE Farrow & Ball’s ‘Strong White’!!! It’s our current hall and stairway colour. When it gets repainted in the next few weeks, we’re going to go for a more toddler-friendly finish, so no Farrow & Ball 😦 But will go as close as possible in terms of colour.

    Sorry to hear about the tiles in the kitchen!

    • The Farrow & ball modern emulsion is about as child-friendly as you can get. I have it and with three boys, any marks just glide off. I highly recommend it!

  2. I just love the arsenic colour for the doors. And where did you get that Custard Cream biscuit tin from, I just have to have one (favourite biscuits as a child).
    I’m sorry too to hear about the problems your have had in the kitchen, notwithstanding I just love your kitchen.

  3. Awesome. Your hall now looks like Candy Cakes! (Google and you’ll see what I mean – it’s my favourite cake shop …). And that photo of the basement stairs looking up is beautiful.

  4. How annoying about your kitchen tiling. All that work and it has to come off – complete bugger. Big fan of the Royal tins, though. And the pink and blue hallway.

  5. I’ve just decided to paint our hallway in Cinder Rose! And funnily our kitchen larder is painted in Arsenic : ) Cool colours

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