Follow the leader

I’ve been doing a bit more sewing.

It started last year with these super twee coasters.

This time I decided to work on images of the last eight Prime Ministers. I can’t really remember why, just seemed like a good idea.

I found pictures of them all.

Then made sketches.

Then I traced these onto fabric by holding them up against a window. Next I just embroidered the pencil marks.

The first two are the most simple. I had no idea what I was doing and the thread I had was really thick making detail tricky.

Then they got a bit more detailed. These are roughly in order of how I worked on them, not time in office.

My original plan was for these to be a set of placemats and napkins and that is what they’re all sewn on. But I’m not sure they work that well, particularly as napkins. You can see how messy they are on the back.

So maybe I’ll frame them or something. Or more likely just hang onto them and procrastinate.

And the one I have just finished.

Now I need a new pointless craft project. Perhaps a set of dictator themed cushions.

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