New additions

Some colour, some hardware.

The front door has been given a coat of paint, same kind inside and out. It’s Blue Ground from Farrow and Ball.

The surround still needs a final coat and the wall painted where the render has been fixed. Plus there’s a weird bit of cable hanging down that needs to go. So this is only halfway through. We had to add some bars on the door as well, the glass area as slightly bigger than we’d anticipated and given that this door is hidden from sight it needed some additional security.

On the back of this door is a new brass handle, an eBay purchase.  The door had been sticking a bit and this made it easier to close, although that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem anymore. Nevermind, I like the handle anyway.

On the same theme I also bought a door knocker for the new flat front door, also from eBay.

All ready to be fitted.

The bathroom doors also have new additions. On the bedroom side they are from Anthropologie.

And on the bathroom side they were bought by my parents on a holiday.

Final new purchase is this sewing box, it’s supposed to be a mid-century and Danish made, I bought it from Germany.

Quite stylish for a sewing box.

8 thoughts on “New additions

  1. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog googling Farrow & Ball colors (ha!) and just read it from top to bottom. Love your house and what you´re doing with it. Greetings from a fellow renovator!

      • I also stumbled on your blog looking for real homes using some of the colours I’m interested in. I love it, especially the beautiful painted doors and colour scheme. I have a question which you may be able to answer, how do you think the Calluna will work in a north facing room – although it’s a room that is still bright due to big windows but doesn’t get any direct sunshine.

      • Hi Racheal, Calluna is quite a cool colour so that might have an impact on whether you want to use it in a north fancing room. However I would, it’s a really nice delicate shade and if the room is still quite light I think it could look really elegant.

  2. Ha, found your blog just the other day, and today i google blur ground and you pop up again =) I just painted a kitchen wall in it and were looking for matching colors. It looks quite different indoors, more stony blue. Love the door, really a good bright color for the basement door.

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