Totally floored

In recent weeks (well months) it’s all been about the flat. However whilst work still continues on the flat there has been some attention to upstairs, namely the entrance hall and upstairs kitchen / piano room.

We’ve been holding off on this part of the house because of all the work going on elsewhere and therefore all the walking through, carrying building items, dragging things too heavy to carry meant we knew it would just get damaged.

But now we felt it was time for some attention. Mainly all that has happened is we have painted the floors – Farrow and Ball Strong White, like the floors throughout the house. This was also the focus of much discussion; white floors certainly show the dirt more and as this is the main hall and communal room that seemed a silly idea. In the end however we realised it’s easy to clean, easy to touch up and the added light seems to balance the darker wall colours.

So here comes a series of images, some taken in the day and some in the evening showing the results.

obviously the fireplace needs some attention - we're not burning books just yet

rug from Ikea...

And in the daytime….

However this just means we have to face the much bigger decision on how we want the kitchen part of this room to be. At the moment it is just cobbled together from existing units and bits of the kitchen that was already there. We’re yet to totally decide between free-standing /rustic and fitted.

7 thoughts on “Totally floored

  1. It’s just lovely… Can’t wait to see what you guys are going to do in the kitchen.

    PS. I love the van canvas on the wall, I’d love to know where I could find one.

  2. Funny that you would post about your floors when all I can think about is my floors and how I should paint them downstairs. I´ve been considering white (Strong white actually!) for my kitchen and hallway and I think now I am convinved that it must be done. I have Cornforth White upstairs but I think it´s just a little too drab for my very dark kitchen.

  3. Thanks for the link, and yes, I just am in love with your style of painting, your use of colour and depth are just awesome and next time you expose somewhere, please let me know, because I just have to have one of your paintings..I love the van one, and the high rise flats with children playing below is great too and now I have another favourite, the airship, so different, love love love it.

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