Before and after – main bathroom


In many ways this is the room that has gone through the biggest change. At some point what had been one room was divided in two to make a small galley kitchen which you accessed from the front sitting room and a similarly sized bathroom your reached via the original entrance from the stairs.

There was also a kind of kitchen in the basement so it seems this was done to allow various members of the family to live in the house but with their own space, whilst not exactly splitting the house up into flats.

Whilst the blue bathroom suite was kind of cool these rooms needed some change. First of all we took down the dividing wall.

 We had to re-plumb the entire house at the same time.

This also meant we were removing the only kitchen in the house and working sinks. So we had to keep the “kitchen” sink working in this room for a bit while we set up a new cobbled together kitchen in the downstairs front room which was intended to be the new working kitchen for the house. For a while then you could have a bath and do the dishes in the same room.

Then we started to add things back in. We decided to have a walk in shower which you can see the first stages of in the picture above. Much agonising over the rest of the layout, but the bath eventually went in the centre of the room by the window (only downside is that you flash anyone looking in from the garden when you get out of the bath) and we installed a utility cupboard to house the washing machine. This was accompanied by a sheila’s maid to dry the clothes.

And now it looks like this.

9 thoughts on “Before and after – main bathroom

  1. Good grief, what a transformation! My hat goes off to you for taking your time and producing such a timeless but personal result.

  2. just discovered your blog, wonderful , am in the process of renovating a big edwardian house that hasn’t been touched since 63, looks similar to condition to how yours was! can i ask you where your walk in shower from, have been deliberating on a walk in one and think the added curtain looks great and functional… thanks

    • Hi Zelda,

      To be honest I can’t recall where we got the shower tray from. Certianly oline as we searched for a particlarly long one, then ordeedr all the elements separately. The main problem to watch out for is water coming out of the end when you are showering so if I did this again I’d invest in a screen that arched round so it held back the water as adding the shower curtain on ours was a bit of an after thought – although probably a cheaper way to achieve a walk-in shower and does work well and look OK.


      • Hi Heidi
        thanks so much for getting back, you are clever to add the curtain as I really like the way it works with your period bathroom fittings though know what you mean about a glass screen. we are on a tight budget so will surf the nes to try and find a shower screen with an arm post that could work with a curtain attached! thanks again and love your inspiring house renovation, we are a few years behind you so will keep the end goal in sight!

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