Brunswick House

This weekend I had a lovely lunch with some old friends (who I really don’t see enough!) at Brunswick House Cafe in Vauxhall, South London. The food was great but what makes it worth a visit is that the cafe is full of “architectural, antiques, salvage and curiosities”, the words of Lassco who are behind the selection of items for sale.

Here are some lights and panelling you could take home (in the case of the panelling kind of out of my price range…).

But better than this there are a range of rooms you can wander through and be tempted.

Need a new jacket?

My eagle-eyed friend spotted these alphabet blocks, the look lovely but “N” is…well…seriously unfortunate…..

To my eyes this one is a bit too grim.

This however I think is awesome.

How about this snazzy toilet bowl.

Or for someone with the larger bathroom….

And lastly I spotted this. I’ve been thinking for some time that a wood burning stove would be really nice in the fireplace in the front room of the main house. The room next to the kitchen. This is the kind of thing I had in mind.

I must have been past Brunswick House hundreds of times. It’s in an inauspicious location, right on the massive roundabout that is Vauxhall train and bus station. I wish I had been in before, the cafe is great and the browsing kind of inspiring.

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