I’ve been using up some bits of fabric I have to make cushions. There’s probably a better technique for making these but I have a very basic approach.

Fabric from Ikea – they actually have quite a good selection you can buy by the metre.

I then cut two squares slightly larger than my cushion filler.

Lay them back to back and pin together. Sew around three sides and a bit at each end of the fourth. Turn it back round the other way, push in the filler and then sew up the gap by hand.

All done.

Mine was immediately road tested by a willing volunteer.

I made a couple more with some fabric I bought in Peckham a few of years ago. A little on the lurid side perhaps.

I have another one on the go which is much more involved. This will be a decorative embroidered one. So far it’s slow progress, but I can’t claim to have been working hard at it…

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