A dash of colour

I recently decided to paint this dresser.


In many ways it’s nice as it is. But it’s soon going in another room where I think being painted a light colour will fit better. Plus it’s not in amazing shape (the wood on the front door for example has bowed) and my dad advised that a lick of paint would help keep it all together. And I always listen to my father!

So I chose Pavilion Grey by Farrow from Ball as base colour and then a highlight colour of India Yellow. I wanted to pick out some of the edges and this colour links with the yellow/oranges in the small pieces of glass in the top windows.

And this is how it turned out.



I went a bit crazy and freehand painted some decoration on the drawers. I’m not sure it goes with the total look of the cabinet but I like it.




I also spotted these pom poms on the Graham and Green site and bought them on a whim. They’ve gone in the bedroom.

pom pms4

pom poms4

pom poms5

A little ridiculous but they somehow seem to make the room more complete and they’re fun.  At least I think so.

9 thoughts on “A dash of colour

  1. The dresser is lovely and I like the painting on the drawers. As for the pompoms, they are great. I have tassels hanging all around one of the spare rooms because there are lots of cup hooks in the wall from quilts that I made and hung when my children were babies.

  2. This is the first blog comment I’ve ever left … So here goes
    I think painting the dresser was quite a brave decision .. It looks fab and so cheerful I’ve been looking at my old dresser for a long time thinking of painting it .. You may just have given me the confidence to do it !

    • Hi Lj, thanks for making your first comment on my blog.

      I know what you mean, painting a piece of furniture does feel like a big decision. I’ve had this cabinet for at least eight years and have been thinking about it since day one. So maybe there is no rushing these things!

  3. I’ve painted our nasty 25 year old yellow pine kitchen in Pavillion Grey and I love the colour too, though what I really want is a new kitchen :). Very impressed with the freehand painting.

  4. Looks v Swedish. I have spent today painting a cabinet pavillion grey with some emulsion I had left from the kitchen and now it’s on it seems to pale. Manor house grey instead perhaps?

  5. The dresser is great! It’s got a nice, personal, folksy touch now. I love that little stripe. Good job!
    The pom pom’s give a modern, quirky touch.
    I bought my first little tester tub of Farrow and Ball because of you. I went all the way across town to the posh end of Vancouver (Canada) for it. lol
    There was a bonus too. The bus stopped at a thrift store and I got 12 balls of very,very good yarn for the price of a fancy coffee!

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