The Rule of Three

You know the idea that things come in threes (good or bad depending on your disposition)? Well that’s sort of happened to me.

A few weeks ago I noticed a rather stylish infographic that showed just how tiny our houses are compared to our European and American cousins.  Frustratingly I can’t remember where I saw that or I would post it here. However, it stuck with me, I knew our houses were small but I didn’t realise they compared quite so unfavourably.

Then last weekend I was on the train out from London to visit Bath for the day (very beautiful – I recommend it) with an American friend and they commented on how surprised they were that even outside London the houses remained quite small. I didn’t really have an answer for that.

So, when earlier this week I received an email from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) about a campaign they have started that  aims to improve the space and light standards in new build homes in the UK I thought ‘interesting’.

The campaign is fronted by the ever popular Kevin McCloud. Here he is – hello Kevin!kevin

Basically RIBA are concerned with the size of new build properties and have worked out that the average one bed flat is the same size as a tube carriage hence this short film to highlight that.

They have many other facts like  “If left to the minimum regulations, 1 window per room at just 45cm x 45cm could become commonplace, the same size as the average cushion!” which  think is intended to ensure you have an escape route in a fire rather than anything to do with light and space.

Anyway RIBA are encouraging us to visit their website read the facts and contact our MPs in order to try and introduce some minimum standards. Have a look….

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