Time Keeping

I have always had a deep hankering for a longcase/Grandfather clock, along with my other favourite window seats there’s something intrinsically charming about them. Then recently I came across Swedish Mora Clocks. I’m not sure where I first became aware of them, but the winding internet path eventually bought me to Swedish Interior Design. Based in Brighton and run by the very helpful Jo and Madeline (quite the Renaissance couple – they are also involved in music, fashion and food) they specialise in importing Swedish furniture to the UK and in particular, or at least of particular interest to me, Mora Clocks.

Their home is a showcase for their style.

swedish interiors2

swedish interiors1

swedish interiors

Mora clocks are named for a town in Sweden and as Jo explained come in all colours and sizes, with some having a dinstinctly more rustic feel and others suitable for the grandest houses in the city. Here are some images from their showroom.







And here is my chosen clock safely delivered and installed at home.








6 thoughts on “Time Keeping

  1. Nice clock and nice coloring. Wonder how much did you pay for this? I also like the way the clock fits in with the living room environment. It makes me want to have a cup of English tea. cheers

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