Curb Appeal

The front garden needs a major overhaul, or at the very least some aggressive pruning.That’s a bigger job than I have time for right now so I’ve added some pots as a quick fix.


front door

Eight plants for £10 at East Street Market is, I think, a bargain. For those who live in London and particularly SE London I would recommend East Street. I think the plant market, which is a section within the market, is only on Sundays. It has a limited number of stalls (it’s no Columbia Road) but it still has a good selection and the plants are much cheaper than in a garden centre.

So a few pots and some other nice details and maybe no one will notice the bits needing more serious attention.


4 thoughts on “Curb Appeal

  1. You ain’t seen nothing yet! Our front garden has looked like a rubbish tip this last three months as we have slowed to a stop on our refurb of the house. Energy (and cash?) has run out though plenty more still to do,…including the front! So a trip to East Street might well be something I put on my to do list though it still wouldn’t look as lovely as your entrance…..

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