Lounging About

For those not based in the UK winter here ended about three weeks ago and we went straight into a heat wave (at least that’s how it feels to me). Fortunately I was ahead of the game and had been stalking eBay for a hammock – I had a hankering for one.

I don’t have two helpfully placed mature trees in the garden so it needed to be a free-standing one a frame. And I finally found one I liked which was reasonably priced.

It’s relatively easy to put together, although a bit bulky for me to do alone so my dad helped (well in all honestly he did it and I helped him – he reads this so I have to tell the truth).

And I love it….





It’s popular with Heidi (who has lent this blog her name) to sit on….


….or under for a bit of shade.


And it’s well-timed as the garden is really lovely at the moment. Some of the plants I put in last year are already quite mature.


And the sweet peas I started from seed on the window ledge are doing well.




4 thoughts on “Lounging About

    • Well I bought mine secondhand through ebay so just from a family somewhere near Guildford I think. But having researched them online I think they are reasonably easy to get new.

  1. We have been trying to find a nice hammock for the garden of our Finnish summer cottage but we just couldn’t find what we wanted. Now I am in UK for a couple of weeks I will have a look around. We have 2 apple trees and a hammock would go nicely between them. I will check out Peter Jones and also maybe ebay. Nice photos – I missed the UK heatwave but we had a beautiful Finnish summer this year anyway.

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