A Change of Heart

Early-ish on in the process of working on the house I tried out a pretty bold colour combination in the hall. At the time Farrow and Ball had released a new range of colours used in quite strong combinations that I really liked.




Nice huh.

Based on this and my love of Cinder Rose and Arsenic I went for a combination of the two in the hall.

cinder rose

It was a pretty polarising choice with some people loving it and some being politely not so sure. For me there were two things I didn’t like, the first was that despite using colour throughout the house (I’m not really a fan of all white homes) the other rooms are more muted. The other was how the Arsenic coloured door looked when opened into the kitchen, not great against the Pigeon walls in my view.

And so a change has been made. Something more sober.









This time I have gone for Pavilion Grey on the walls and Hay on the doors. I’m still getting used to it but so far I think it’s a big improvement. I certainly feel it works better with the colour of the kitchen.




5 thoughts on “A Change of Heart

  1. We have just painting our lounge door arsenic inspired by yours just today and now we have seen you have changed yours! Both look nice we love our bright door

  2. Yes just today, it looks nice as our room is a bit too white so a bit of colour has done the world of good! I think it would look lovely on chest of drawers. 🙂

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