Everything must go

I went to the Graham and Green warehouse sale yesterday with a friend, it’s on a glamorous industrial estate in Brentford. I’ve been before and written about it – although I had forgotten and my friend had to remind me.

I had also forgotten just how much furniture they have available at these events. We went quite late so many of the items had sold (and we were on more of a reconnaissance mission than actually making major purchases) and were either waiting to be collected or loaded for delivery – a service I only realised they offered as we left. That’s probably a good thing as I might have gone mad and bought a massive shelving unit, or sofa, just because they were a bargain. Having a tiny smart car is a good constraint sometimes.

Anyway here are some rather blurry images to give you an idea of what’s on offer.

Desks and mirrors.






Garden furniture


Shelves and some of the mother of pearl inlay items they are known for.


Some of the smaller home accessories


And here are the things I wanted to buy and agonised over.




  • Could they go in my kitchen? No it’s full (even if you rearrange it)
  • What about the sitting room? But weird for a sitting room? Anyway that room needs a bit of a rethink so best to hold off
  • Landing, hall walls? Possibly….

I managed to be restrained and will probably keep these in mind and return to their next sale when I have the house and my mind slightly more in order. I think they have a couple a year and if you’re on the mailing list they send out a reminder.

I did buy a couple of things though. This mirror for the downstairs loo, I’ve had my eye on it for a while and I found one at the sale lonely, looking for a home (this image is from the GG and website –  I’d like the wire rack too).


And some more pom poms (image also from the GG website), I already have some but they were reduced to £3 so good for spares.

pom pom

All in all well worth a visit, particularly if you have your eye on one of the larger items of furniture.

7 thoughts on “Everything must go

  1. So happy that you reference F&B so much, so I found this! Such a joy to read, although i took awhile before I realized that it was two separate ktichens =) I love the colors and that garden office is spectacular. You are really making your house into something quite special. Looking forward to more posts! (loved the cinder rose hallway btw, but the new colors are also dashing)

  2. I’m split between getting a bigger coffee table and getting a few little side tables for lamps and so on.
    Ideas? Could be this – Shannan?

  3. I’ve been to this sale in the past and got quite a few bits and pieces for both houses. Its is definitely one not to miss. Loving your blog Heidi – finally found some time to have a proper look around it and your London home looks quite similar to mine! Keep up the posts cant wait to see how it all turns out xx

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