The main bedroom has a major flaw. There’s just not enough storage.

It has an old brown wardrobe it in which seems massive but hardly fits anything in at all. It’s too narrow for most hangers to hang properly and so they have to go in at an angle. I can’t explain why it would be built that way, it remains a mystery to me. It also means that the bed and dressing table can only go in certain spots making it hard to find space for a chest of drawers without having furniture all lined up around the room.

There are two alcoves in the room which I intend to have fitted cupboards put into, but I decided as an interim fix to find a chest of drawers that could fit into them. And I found this fellow for around £40 on eBay (my usual haunt for inexpensive furniture).


It doesn’t look that exciting… .I think my mother described it as “a brown blob” or something along those lines.


before open

I agreed but thought it had potential and I really liked the cupboard part at the top. I think it makes it quite versatile and something I could move to another room quite easily. It did need work though and I intended to paint it. I set about giving it an undercoat straight away. And then some months passed….



I came to a bit of a halt because I couldn’t decide what colour to paint it. Leaving all my stuff strewn around my room while the chest of drawers stood incomplete.

Then I saw this in a catalogue, John Lewis I think and took a snap on my iPhone.


I painted the exterior in Farrow and Ball Pigeon. This is a colour I have used elsewhere, particularly in the kitchen. If I did ultimately move this piece of furniture within the house that seems like it’s most likely new home. Plus I liked the idea of it matching the walls and not introducing another colour to the room.




The inside however I painted Farrow and Ball Rectory Red.





And I love it.

6 thoughts on “Storage!

  1. I love it too! Praise The Lord for Ebay. I too have a useless wardrobe which won’t actually accommodate normal hangers, I’ve resorted to hanging my clothes on child’s hangers, shameful.

  2. @ladylansdowne I totally agree, ebay has been so useful, I don’t know what I’d do without it
    @Louise. Thanks. I did linger at the shabby chic stage for a dangerously long time, but all sorted now!

  3. This looks so good, what a great surprise when you open the door. I’ve painted the back of cupboards before but hadn’t thought of the inside of the door. Love it!

  4. I love what you did with the unit – I’ve still got the remains of shabby chic furniture dotted around the house… maybe one day they’ll be gone!

  5. I just ran into your post and the combination of colors for ex-“brown blob” is amazing.
    Its vintage style fits perfectly the timber floors as well :).

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