You may have noticed a small dog sneaking into a number of pictures on this blog. It’s Heidi after whom, with her counterpart Klaus, the blog is named.

Being a Dachshund you are supposed to discourage them from running up and down stairs, leaping ill advisedly from heights and general activities that might put a stress on their backs. Basically all the things Heidi truly loves. Because of this Heidi needs to be stopped from using the stairs all the time as she attempts to follow you around the house. You could achieve this through training or through mini barriers just to be doubly sure. Being short of stature they don’t need much height and so are easy to step over but do thwart Heidi. I actually suspect she could climb over but they are enough to discourage her.

Mind are quite crudely made but I’ve used left over paint to make them a bit smarter…




Because they are so low I am tempted to paint a height restriction on them like they have for fairground rides, but presumably Heidi would be the only one short enough to see it and I’m not sure she would appreciate the effort.


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