All quiet on the house projects for a while, I’ve been focussing more on my artwork. However I finally sorted out some pictures that have been framed and waiting to be hung for months. I’ve got them all out several times, had a bit of a think and put them away again. This time was different and I got the majority up on the wall.

Very pleased.




One thought on “Pictures

  1. Nice job. I have a house like yours in Dublin, and it seems, very similar taste. But don’t you find that almost everything one buys from Ikea ultimately falls apart or fails to stand the test of time? That Includes everything from Hemnes chests if drawers to picture frames and jute rugs. Its designs are so beguiling – and so affordable – and somehow we overlook the fact that Everybody Else Is Buying Exactly The Same Thing – or we know that but don’t care – and we buy it anyway. Then we throw it away a few months or years later. It’s not sustainable in any respect – so I’ve out-lawed it. I’ve decided that everything Ikea produces is like its meatballs – affordable, appealing, available – therefore it’s fast-furniture.

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