Projects : Painted Trunk

Ages and ages ago my Dad and I made this trunk.


The idea was that I was going to paint it inspired by something I’d seen in a  magazine, but I never got around to it.

Then late last year Farrow and Ball emailed me and asked if I fancied undertaking a project painting a piece of furniture and writing about how I did it. I love Farrow and Ball (almost the whole house is painted in it) and so of course I said yes please!

I found this image on Pinterest of a painted trunk, sent it to them and they sent me back their best guess on the colours needed.


And then nothing happened. Farrow and Ball sent me a couple of polite emails asking me how I was finding the paint, but I just didn’t knuckle down. And then suddenly I did.

I opened up the paints having completely forgotten the design I’d opted for….was surprised….dug out the image I was inspired by and got going.


I chalked a design a bit like the one from the photo on the side as a guide. I say a bit as the original image isn’t great quality so you can’t really make all of it out, plus I’m too slapdash to be totally faithful.


And then I got going. Probably a mistake but I started with the front.



Then the sides.


Inside lid.


And finally the top and back.


And that’s it really. It’s not that neat, or symmetrical and I kind of approached it as a doodle, just adding bits as I went. However, I think the overall effect is good!

7 thoughts on “Projects : Painted Trunk

  1. Me too; an especially good doodle. I wonder would the colours would stand out more with a few coats of clear varnish. Also maybe lining the edges with brass rivets and distressing it – then see if you can fool the experts on Antiques Roadshow! 🙂 A really lovely item as is.

  2. Oh my…. I am in love with your blog and your awesome interior skills. I have lived in my Victorian terrace in Hove for 3 years and felt so ill at ease with it. It’s taken me ages to realise that it’s because the previous owners have ripped the period soul out of it. Your blog is providing me with such huge inspiration – plus photos to show the unimaginative other half. Thanks to you I am now allowed to rip the dodgy carpet off the stairs and paint them! For this I will be FOREVER grateful!! x

    • Hi @sugar&rhubarb thanks so much for your kind words. Definitely get those carpets up! The one thing I’ve always consoled myself is that if you don’t like something it’s normally not to hard to change it, especially if it’s just the colour of a room. So experiment I say!

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