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This site documents a range of design and renovation based projects and is named after my two Dachshunds – Klaus and Heidi.

It started (and continues) with the renovation of a four storey Georgian house in South East London. The house had been owned since the late 1940s by the same lady and over the years she lived in less and less of the house. When work started the house didn’t have central heating or hot water but did have serious damp in the basement and very scary wiring. This site is intended to be a record of the (hoped for) transformation and also a reference point for the materials used, helpful shops and any other useful information.

It also covers wider design projects, a sub-project fitting out a flat, ideas of things to make and anything else that takes my fancy….

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I’m afraid I don’t accept offers to guest post. This site is very much a documentation of the things I do, see and any ideas for the future. If however you’ve got an event or something you think might be interesting then do feel free to get in touch. Occasionally I do, for example,  review products or attend events but only if I can be open about this association with any visitors to this site and if it’s genuinely something I find intriguing.


13 thoughts on “About and contact

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for documenting your house journey. I’ve been looking for a blog like yours documenting Georgian interiors for a while and yours is the first I’ve found (after years of searching). I really enjoyed taking myself into a quiet corner yesterday and reading every post. I’m definitely adding you to my blog roll at http://visitinghousesandgardens.wordpress.com/ I don’t currently document my own home (possibly a future project) as I create a Georgian interior but I’m much much slower than you. I’d still be living with just the sitting room finished! Anyhow, I thought my Resources page that I’ve been building might help you and I’d be really interested to know about any carpenters/builders etc you’d recommend : http://visitinghousesandgardens.wordpress.com/resources-2/. All the best, Robin

    • Hi and thanks so much for your kind comments. It’s nice to (e-)meet someone else who’s into the Georgian thing! Having a resources section is a good idea, I must make a better job of collating these. Thanks for the idea and link.


  2. Hi Heidi,

    Your house is looking absolutely amazing! I came across your blog couple of days ago, and I must have read most of the posts:))

    My boyfriend and I are currently renovating much smaller Victorian property, but I can totally sympathise with what you are going through.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    Best wishes


  3. Your blog is great! We are currently renovating a Victorian house so is nice to get some inspiration…

    C x

  4. Your blog is exactly what I have been looking for! My partner and I have just bought a Georgian house in East London and there is a lot to do to get it how we want it. So your blog is both enormously helpful and hugely inspirational!

  5. I have loved looking through your blog! I wondered if you sanded your floors before painting? Did you distress them at all to get a characterful look?

    • Hi @Mary so yes they were sanded back. They were old boards that had carpet on before so that was just to tidy them up. Then we used Farrow and Ball floor paint. It does get a bit worn which I can’t decide if I like or loathe so occasionally I sand back just a section and repaint it.

      • Hi,

        We also really like your house and blog. Great inspiration. We’re in the process of sanding and painting our floorboards. Love the white colour on the stairs and landing. Do you remember which farrow and ball paint it was?

  6. Hi Klaus, hi Heidi, thanks for your great blog and work. Very inspiring. I am looking for years for a bed like the one you showed on march 3, 2012 – the velvet one with the studs. Is this chippendale style? Do you have any idea where I find one like that? And what I should look for? Thank you so much! Stefanie

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