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Here’s a taste of some things that have been pinned.

Swedish Style

I’ve just come back from a long weekend in Stockholm with some friends. I knew it would be a great design destination but we genuinely saw great style pretty much everywhere we went.

From neat touches just on the street.

To pretty much every cafe we went into.

These tiles are quite similar to some I had been considering for our bathroom but were ultimately too pricey.

It all felt very effortless as and though were you Swedish you just wouldn’t notice that much.

This picture was just in a clothes shop. I think it’s actually a photo printed onto chipboard, but I thought it was really effective. And probably not that hard to get done. 

But what I really noticed was the range and options in terms of light fittings. They feel very very samey here sometimes but the following images are either lights from antique / second-hand shops or in cafes, restaurants and bars we went to. 

We saw a lot in a similar style to the light fitting in our sitting room, which was pretty pleasing. 

And if all that is a bit to tasteful how about an owl with glowing red eyes? I admit I was very tempted.

We didn’t really seek out any furniture or antique shops these were more ones we came by so I think it would be well worth another visit.