Little details

A small update.

I’ve been doing a little sale shopping for those small finishing touches that can be hard to find when you need them and pricey. A few of my finds have been used already and the others I am hoarding as they wait for their moment.

The Graham and Green warehouse sale was the source for some bathroom accessories. We put a small sink in the spare bedroom for guests as being on the top floor we thought it might seem a bit of a trek┬áto the bathroom even though it’s only down one level. We already pleased we did as we were sleeping in their while our room was worked on and it was really useful.

Here is just one example.

This comes from their Fleur de Lys range which is still on sale.

Then from Anthropologie I bought all these door knobs all for just a pound or so each. These have no particular purpose as yet but will be useful to add a bit of interest to our furniture.

I’ll upload some shots once we have fitted some of these.