Bedroom almost complete

The bedroom in the basement flat is finally ready (well nearly).

Here’s a before.

And here’s an after.

I am pretty sure this room has not been used since the sixties (judging by the decor) so this feels quite big as it’s now ready to be lived in.

I have a new bed, bought at low expense from ebay.

It’ a little over the top maybe, but I like it.

Colourwise this paint is Fired Earth Verd Antique. The door and ceiling are all painted the same colour. Painting the door the same colour is just me copying from various nice restaurants I have been in and liked and painting the ceiling I think makes the room feel bigger as there is no strong colour dividing line.

The decision now is whether to also paint the bathroom doors and windows the same. I think yes.

The bathroom is all done as well, boiler installed and working (in the front room) so it’s all go. The doors from this side will be simple white.

All the bathroom and bedroom windows are partly painted with an undercoat. The plan is to use Farrow and Ball Downpipe on the exterior to match with the front windows.

The bathroom doors need some doorknobs, fortunately I have a collection to choose from. These are my finalists.

Other new items include this chest of drawers picked up a local second-hand / junk shop.

And some lights from John Lewis. They are wall lights because the ceilings are quite low.

There’s nowhere to hang any clothes just yet, but there will be in here.

So nearly there.

Downstairs on the up

The basement is starting to take shape at last. The idea is that this will be a flat, that you can either access from the main house or separately via its own front door. That way the house is flexible and the flat could be rented out or vice versa.

There are two main rooms, the one you enter via the front door which is the largest and will be a kitchen/diner and a second at the back which will be a bedroom.

The basement had some pretty bad damp and so we’ve had a comprehensive bit of damp proofing done.

This had also affected the stairs down from the main house, and the bottom ones were rotten and collapsed.

We are going to put a loo in the space under these stairs that can be accessed from the main house.

So here’s how the front room is looking now.

These tiles were uncovered in the fireplace which we will try to keep. We’re planning on putting in a wood burning stove here.

This room has quite a nice window which looks out onto the steps you reach the front door by. It’s got horrible bars on at the moment, but it will ultimately look great.

The panels under the window are a stable style door that is going on the new office, which was an outside loo. That’s just all been replastered too. It’s a very small room just enough room for a desk and a computer but here’s a glimpse, we added that little window. The office opens onto the patio area so a half-door seemed like a nice idea particularly for the summer.

The back room which will be a bedroom has fresh plaster and a damp course too.

This room also has a lovely big window which we had replaced, it’s large enough to step out of into the garden. This one, the two in the bathroom I am about to come on to and the funny shaped one in the office we had to have specially made as they are such unusual sizes.  They look great, but it’s expensive getting this kind of bespoke work done.

The bathroom for the flat (well shower room, it will be too small for a bath) is off this room and was actually a bathroom before but was unused and in a terrible state. You can see it on the outside in the photo above.

Here it is now.

There’s clearly still a lot to do, but we’ve got the next stage lined up and have bought the shower loo and sink for this room. So it should be liveable relatively soon.