A complete kitchen

Well nearly.

The kitchen in the flat is in and working.

The plan is to add some shelves above these units for storage. Then with this dresser, bought secondhand from the British Heart Foundation (Old Kent Road branch) some years ago now, gives the room a mix of fitted and free-standing.

The door into the lobby you can see here is Farrow and Ball Lulworth Blue which is actually left over from painting the garden shed. The door through to the bedroom area matches.

The rest of the room is starting to feel more complete, although far from finished.

The entrance to the flat has also improved greatly. For starters it’s no longer a death-trap as the roof area has been repaired.

The new front door has been installed. This had to be made for the space as the dimensions are slightly unusual.

Still need to pick a colour for it….

The idea is to paint the exterior well area white so it reflects the light back into the flat. The bars unfortunately will need to stay because it’s a slightly out of sight, plus we need to get a security light working.

The lobby area will be for storage (coats, boots etc). The wires will be boxed in and some kind of cupboard will probably go in front.

Some touch ups elsewhere too. The doors to the bathroom have had a coat of paint. Again using up colours from elsewhere. This is Farrow and Ball Setting Plaster which is the same colour as the sitting room. I think it works really well with the green of the bedroom.

When one door opens so does another one

In the continued theme of lifting things up and seeing what’s there we’ve done the same thing with the doors. When we moved in the vast majority had a simple panel on them which made us suspect that the original doors were underneath and luckily they were.

There’s some patching up required as multiple locks have been cut into the doors.

The ones shown here are all in the more public rooms and have six panels in what to my eye is an unusal formation, the centre panel seems much smaller than I’d normally expect. The doors on the top floor bedroom doors are simpler with only four panels. So one type for family and one for guests.

They also need to be stripped back and I think we’ll probably just take them off their hinges and get this done professionally although in some cases it’s a bit of a shame, particularly the bathroom door which has actually ended up with quite a nice effect.