The other bedroom

It’s been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks as Klaus has been busy working on a his proper job and to be fair he is the main driving force behind much of the work done on the house.

However I have got round to taking some photos of our bedroom. Like the other room it’s not finished and what you don’t see in these shots are all our clothes on rails but it’s a step in the right direction. 

You can get a sense of the rail effect from this picture taken the weekend we moved in (this is the bed we later moved into the other bedroom). It’s a bit neater now.

We chose a new quite neutral wall colour. I normally prefer more colour but we had a headboard that I made for our previous house we wanted to use again and this colour worked best with that and the fireplace. The colour is elephants breath by Farrow and Ball. Probably the best name ever for a paint.

The colour looks really different from one of these shots to the next . In the morning light it’s quite varied as well with one wall looking cool and the other much warmer. I like that.

We’ve kept the existing curtains, but we weren’t too keen on the pattern and just for now we have simply turned them round so we are actually living with the lining.

The floor boards in here are painting the same colour all across the top flor and into the other bedroom. I used the same colour to update an old mirror we had steadily fallen out of love with. Klaus claimed it was “too 1990’s”.  Here it is just before I took my paintbrush to it in rather a pretentious photo which has Klaus’ piano in the relfection

And here it is afterwards back in the bedroom.

These fireplaces in the bedroom are really polarizing. Some people love them and some literally hate them. We can’t afford to change them at the moment anyway, but I am starting to come down on the side of love.

Newspapers from the 1950s

When we took up the flooring in the hall we found newspapers from the 1970s. But when we took up the floorboards to put in the central heating in the upstairs sitting room we found some even older papers from the 1950s.

It seems that it coincided with Ascot based on the coverage.

for queen and commonwealth no less!

 and then some lighter material…


all very reasonably priced.

and some adverts from the time.

One of the papers ran a strangely familiar article. They sent a little old lady out to see if anyone would offer their seats, help her across the road etc. No one did, conclusion the country has gone down hill – not like the good old days!

Hold the front page

So we’re in. We’ve taken a lot of  “before” photos which I will post up here shortly when I have organised them. 

The first things to happen will be big ones. We have to rewire the house and also get central heating fitted. That’s going to take some weeks and will start in two weeks time.

However over the weekend we started taking a look at things. We pulled up the carpet in the hall. Here’s a before…

And here’s an after showing boards in a pretty good state.

But what I wanted to post here was some of the newspapers we found which allows us to date the floor. Carpet was put down in 1977, we know as we found this…

And under the carpet was lino from 1974 and according to this shot a dachshund.

The archeological evidence…

And some ads from the time

So the conclusion is that this carpet really had been there a long time.