Bedroom almost complete

The bedroom in the basement flat is finally ready (well nearly).

Here’s a before.

And here’s an after.

I am pretty sure this room has not been used since the sixties (judging by the decor) so this feels quite big as it’s now ready to be lived in.

I have a new bed, bought at low expense from ebay.

It’ a little over the top maybe, but I like it.

Colourwise this paint is Fired Earth Verd Antique. The door and ceiling are all painted the same colour. Painting the door the same colour is just me copying from various nice restaurants I have been in and liked and painting the ceiling I think makes the room feel bigger as there is no strong colour dividing line.

The decision now is whether to also paint the bathroom doors and windows the same. I think yes.

The bathroom is all done as well, boiler installed and working (in the front room) so it’s all go. The doors from this side will be simple white.

All the bathroom and bedroom windows are partly painted with an undercoat. The plan is to use Farrow and Ball Downpipe on the exterior to match with the front windows.

The bathroom doors need some doorknobs, fortunately I have a collection to choose from. These are my finalists.

Other new items include this chest of drawers picked up a local second-hand / junk shop.

And some lights from John Lewis. They are wall lights because the ceilings are quite low.

There’s nowhere to hang any clothes just yet, but there will be in here.

So nearly there.

Some Christmas sparkle

Whilst we have a house which isn’t even halfway finished we’ve still tried to give it a bit of seasonal cheer. Even if in some cases it’s a bit depressing….

But some of the other rooms are not so dismal. The sitting room being an almost completely finished room is looking quite festive and is the room we have chosen to put our tree up in. I’ve invested in a few new decorations. Here are a couple of my favourites from Anthropologie.

And some I made myself last year from salt dough. I’m actually surprised they’ve lasted so well. Kirstie did something similar on her show, here are some instructions she has helpfully provided. They are very very easy to make and I like the slightly haphazard look.

And on the mantlepiece….

And downstairs I haven’t done too much with, but tried to make it a little festive. These lights came with the house and are not my thing but are in my view greatly improved by being nicely obscured.

And I have also picked up a few more new bits and bobs from the local profusion of pound/discount shops – it is possible to spot some good things if you can try to screen out all the surrounding rubbish. Here are a couple of the better ones.

Some glittery deer. Very kitsch but then so is Christmas in general.

And some little trees which I think I will use as table decorations.

And finally we’ve got our first wreath for the front door. A front door we’ve actually painted, added new numbers too and bought a knocker for (for a while we had no doorbell and no knocker and therefore no way of knowing if anyone was waiting to come in). Here it is before, although in this one we have already added a new outdoor light.

And here’s the new door knocker we bought up close.

And a very seasonal shot from the weekend with some timely and photogenic snow. The paint we have used is Farrow and Ball Down Pipe and we’re also planning to use this on the windows as well – when we get around to it.


Swedish Style

I’ve just come back from a long weekend in Stockholm with some friends. I knew it would be a great design destination but we genuinely saw great style pretty much everywhere we went.

From neat touches just on the street.

To pretty much every cafe we went into.

These tiles are quite similar to some I had been considering for our bathroom but were ultimately too pricey.

It all felt very effortless as and though were you Swedish you just wouldn’t notice that much.

This picture was just in a clothes shop. I think it’s actually a photo printed onto chipboard, but I thought it was really effective. And probably not that hard to get done. 

But what I really noticed was the range and options in terms of light fittings. They feel very very samey here sometimes but the following images are either lights from antique / second-hand shops or in cafes, restaurants and bars we went to. 

We saw a lot in a similar style to the light fitting in our sitting room, which was pretty pleasing. 

And if all that is a bit to tasteful how about an owl with glowing red eyes? I admit I was very tempted.

We didn’t really seek out any furniture or antique shops these were more ones we came by so I think it would be well worth another visit.

Horny issue

I went on a shopping trip with Sara on Saturday. After a rather upsetting incident with a some trousers in the Whistles changing room which we won’t go into here we went into Fenwick’s so Sara could use the loos. They had these lights which I thought were a bit cool. A kind of plastic antler theme.

Just a shame that they weren’t for sale. 



What the papers say

We move on Friday this week and so Klaus went out this morning to buy a Sunday Times, to read and then immediately recycle as we spend the day packing. 

A few things in the home section caught my eye. In a feature about bold decorative statements in the smallest room (something I am all in favour of) a few interesting sites were mentioned. 

First up (from my re-jigged list) is Beware the Moon. A high-end wallpaper manufacturer I particularly like the Ostrich range. I like the idea of the She range but they are somehow too sparse for my taste. 

Next and already a recurring theme is patterned tiles this time from Welbeck. These are I admit a long way along the road to chintzville but what the hell. Then lastly I really like these quirky lights from originalbtc.

I’d say a bit weird for a bathroom but a very charming idea. 

Right we’re off for a walk in the park then down to some serious packing.


In getting ready for moving we are having a clear out. Klaus has convinced me to throw away my back catalogue of interiors magazines (mainly homes and gardens and living etc). But before throwing them away I have gone through and cut out everything that catches my eye in the hope that it’s useful.

I’ve tried to organise them into themes.

Starting with the hall.  


I like the image of the staircase particularly, the contrast of the dark wood and painted rails. I also really like the corbels. Our new and currently drab hall could so with some features like this.

Sitting room. 

The TV unit on his page is a really neat idea. I’d like to use stronger colours like this on the walls as well. 






I was surprised how similar all these fireplaces were when I lined them up, seems like we like relatively plain white but traditional. 



Pointing out something not relating to chairs on the chairs page, the colour of the shutters behind the black chair is very similar to the colour we’re thinking on for the shutters in our kitchen. We’re considering pigeon which is similar but paler. 


The kitchen bottom right is probably most similar to the free-standing look we are planning. I’m quite keen on the pink walls in two of these shots but Klaus doesn’t seem too keen…..


Again mainly very traditional. Apart from the pair of very modern sinks. Klaus thinks it’s better to go for the more traditional look as these will date less quickly and I like the idea of using some very decorative tiles around the bath and sink as they have in some of these pictures. I don’t want the whole house to be traditional though so we”ll have to keep an eye out for the overall balance. 


Again lots of strong colour but also patterned wallpaper. Something we’re keen to try out as we haven’t used any before. 


It’s big (for London) and bland at the moment. Will need some proper planning.