Earlier last year I did a short interview for Crafty Magazine which is a new magazine about – you guessed it – craft. I think they were interested in me because I have painted so many things to give them a new lease of life.

That was when I was temporarily in the flat and was kind of fun to do. Anyway I mention it now because the photographer Andy Sawyer who took some shots has posted more images on his website and I thought I would share them here as some are really nice.

tori-017 tori-016 tori-015 tori-014 tori-013 tori-012 tori-011 tori-010 tori-009 tori-008 tori-007 tori-006 tori-005 tori-004 tori-003 tori-002


Thanks Andy for letting me share them.


Small additions

I treated myself to something new last weekend.

Normally I try and make cushions myself. It’s so easy to do (as long as you’re not a total perfectionist) and a quick way to update a room. Plus it’s much cheaper to buy some fabric and do this yourself. However, this one I couldn’t easily make and I liked it = I justified the purchase.



I found the image really quite striking. In the East Dulwich shop Mrs Robinson where I bought mine they had this lady and another version showing a Geisha. I later found the same cushion I bought plus another alternative on Graham and Green (and a  bit more expensive – I felt good about that).

They’re everywhere…

They are made by Danish company Au Maison and they reference the range of Tibetan images as being by Steve McCurry whom I assume is the same Steve McCurry who works as a photojournalist. His site is well worth a look as it has a host of images from his travels, he is also known for his striking and very very famous image generally referred to as Afghan Girl. So there you go, photojournalism in cushion form.

In a total change of tone I have also started trying to sort out the garden. Spring has finally sprung and plants can be planted. Last year there was some success with sweet peas rambling up a grill on the patio. So I am growing some more.


The garden, despite quite a bit of planting, is still pretty barren in places. This year I hope will be a year that really changes that. It’s top of my list.

And finally a bit of exciting news, I found out earlier this week that this blog has been listed by The Telegraph as one of the Top 50 Interior Design Websites. I’m very surprised…but pleased.

Photography project part two

I’ve posted about some photography I have been asked to do for an online shop that specialises in traditional home and garden products on here before. Some of the first pictures I took are here.

Since then I have been working through some more.

There’s quite a range of products to do but I’ve quite enjoyed setting up the shots and adjusting them as I go, working out what works.

And here are some of them.

Photography Project

Recently I got a surprising email. An online mail order shop specialising in traditional home and garden products emailed me. They said they had stumbled on my blog and would I be interested in working on a project with them. The plan was / is that they send me items for sale on the site and I photograph them in our home to act as lifestyle shots on the site.

I am not a professional photographer and I am also living in  half-finished home so I was a bit unsure but I thought the idea sounded fun and was keen to give it a go. Plus they are happy for me to work at my own pace (presumably within reason).

And so I took delivery of the first batch of items and I am probably a quarter of the way through. I got a few more items than I had bargained for straight away including some things for the garden it’s just been too bleak to think about starting with. But I have taken a few shots here and a couple in my friend’s house when I ran out of reasonably finished rooms. I have begun with some of the smaller and I therefore hoped easier items.

Here are a selection.

I still have quite a few things to go. So once I have a batch together I will post some more.