There’s been a small change in the kitchen. Actually the first of a few changes.

Friday night was spent living the highlife and driving to Ikea. It seems like a weird time to go, but it really makes sense. No on in their right mind would go to Ikea on a Friday night. Meaning you have to place (relatively speaking) to yourself.

The main target for the shop was to buy some extra spot lighting for the kitchen. This was successful but tragically I forgot to buy the corresponding bulbs so their great unveiling will have to wait for another day.

However I did take the chance to change the kitchen rug. It’s been subject to a grime onslaught and being made from jute is not easy to clean. Here’s an old picture showing it in it’s former glory.


I was going to just replace it like for like, but then I saw this character and decided it was time for a change.


table 2


table 1


A bargain at £50.

Chalking it up

In our last house we had a small section of wall painted with blackboard paint. The idea was to have a shopping list / to do list on there. In reality we used it to draw silly pictures and to keep a tally of who preferred The Holy Grail to The Big Lebowski (Holy Grail had it). Since as I’m sure you can tell this was so useful we decided to recreate it. This time we have used panels on the folding doors which we can use to section off the kitchen from what will be the dinning room.

from the dinning end of the room looking at back at some of our temporary kitchen

from the kitchen end looking towards the front of the house

There’s one single door and a two panel folding side. We have them open all the time at the moment but they’re really handy as it means you can easily create another distinct room. 

In other news we paid a visit to Ikea recently to buy kitchen shelves as mentioned here. We also impulse bought a rug for our bedroom. Considering we spent about 30 seconds considering it I think it works quite well and makes the room feel cosy.

I’ve posted some shots of our room on here before but I didn’t properly include an image that showed how we have our clothes. We don’t have any storage for them at the moment and so they are on open rails. Given that we have so much else to do in the house I think they’ll stay like this for some time. Also we just haven’t made up our minds how to finally arrange this room.


So thank you once again Ikea.