Brunswick House

This weekend I had a lovely lunch with some old friends (who I really don’t see enough!) at Brunswick House Cafe in Vauxhall, South London. The food was great but what makes it worth a visit is that the cafe is full of “architectural, antiques, salvage and curiosities”, the words of Lassco who are behind the selection of items for sale.

Here are some lights and panelling you could take home (in the case of the panelling kind of out of my price range…).

But better than this there are a range of rooms you can wander through and be tempted.

Need a new jacket?

My eagle-eyed friend spotted these alphabet blocks, the look lovely but “N” is…well…seriously unfortunate…..

To my eyes this one is a bit too grim.

This however I think is awesome.

How about this snazzy toilet bowl.

Or for someone with the larger bathroom….

And lastly I spotted this. I’ve been thinking for some time that a wood burning stove would be really nice in the fireplace in the front room of the main house. The room next to the kitchen. This is the kind of thing I had in mind.

I must have been past Brunswick House hundreds of times. It’s in an inauspicious location, right on the massive roundabout that is Vauxhall train and bus station. I wish I had been in before, the cafe is great and the browsing kind of inspiring.

Bargain Hunting

Antiques are often a far more affordable way to buy furniture than buying new. That and you’re much more likely to find something unusual that you won’t see all over the place.

However living in London it can sometimes seem hard to find these bargains. Obviously there is Ebay but that can mean a bit of travel plus you don’t get to try before you buy. Antiques shops tend to either be over priced, full of  uninspiring pieces painted a tasteful colour and presented as something special; or stacked so high with everything on top of each other it can be hard to make anything out.

So it was great to visit Crystal Palace Antiques. It has been recommended before but this was the first time I had visited. Spread over four floors it’s a great mix of pieces with enough variety to happily browse through yet edited so it’s not just a great pile of furniture stacked to the ceiling. Plus the prices seems fair (and much cheaper than the quality new alternatives).

Here are some of the things that caught my eye (which seem to be mainly mid century stuff – my taste must be changing!).

I thought this might work for our kitchen

Looking inside this dressing table,

We found some rather interesting books…

And this is what the shop looks like.

Photography project part two

I’ve posted about some photography I have been asked to do for an online shop that specialises in traditional home and garden products on here before. Some of the first pictures I took are here.

Since then I have been working through some more.

There’s quite a range of products to do but I’ve quite enjoyed setting up the shots and adjusting them as I go, working out what works.

And here are some of them.

Photography Project

Recently I got a surprising email. An online mail order shop specialising in traditional home and garden products emailed me. They said they had stumbled on my blog and would I be interested in working on a project with them. The plan was / is that they send me items for sale on the site and I photograph them in our home to act as lifestyle shots on the site.

I am not a professional photographer and I am also living in  half-finished home so I was a bit unsure but I thought the idea sounded fun and was keen to give it a go. Plus they are happy for me to work at my own pace (presumably within reason).

And so I took delivery of the first batch of items and I am probably a quarter of the way through. I got a few more items than I had bargained for straight away including some things for the garden it’s just been too bleak to think about starting with. But I have taken a few shots here and a couple in my friend’s house when I ran out of reasonably finished rooms. I have begun with some of the smaller and I therefore hoped easier items.

Here are a selection.

I still have quite a few things to go. So once I have a batch together I will post some more.