Landing and Stairs

To continue to sweep around the house another stop on the first floor landing (this house is tall and thin). I did post about this a while ago as I recently rearranged and added to the pictures and really like how they are now arranged. I also switched out a lot of the frames to plain white which I also now prefer and have started doing with all my newly framed pictures (there are more to come….). A mixture of frames can look great but, I think, when each frame is interesting and not just as a hodge podge of colours and styles.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other thing that I love about this space is the long window overlooking the garden.


It lets the light flood in.

Little Touches: Vase

Sometimes you have something you like but can’t find a home for it.

I’ve owned these lovely vases (and yes they are vases just with very thin necks – I have been asked to confirm that a few times) but not found a permanent home for them. Until I suddenly decided this was their spot…..






You may have noticed a small dog sneaking into a number of pictures on this blog. It’s Heidi after whom, with her counterpart Klaus, the blog is named.

Being a Dachshund you are supposed to discourage them from running up and down stairs, leaping ill advisedly from heights and general activities that might put a stress on their backs. Basically all the things Heidi truly loves. Because of this Heidi needs to be stopped from using the stairs all the time as she attempts to follow you around the house. You could achieve this through training or through mini barriers just to be doubly sure. Being short of stature they don’t need much height and so are easy to step over but do thwart Heidi. I actually suspect she could climb over but they are enough to discourage her.

Mind are quite crudely made but I’ve used left over paint to make them a bit smarter…




Because they are so low I am tempted to paint a height restriction on them like they have for fairground rides, but presumably Heidi would be the only one short enough to see it and I’m not sure she would appreciate the effort.


Adding more colour

The last couple of weeks have seen the introduction of lots more colour in the house. I’m no fan of neutral paints when they are used everywhere and there was some colour in the last house but there could have been more. I’m keen to be a bit more adventurous this time.

Therefore we already have the strong pink and green combination in the entrance hall. The Cinder Rose pink was only planned to go up to the first landing, even I can see this would be too much for the whole house. So Calluna was the choice. I had thought it was a pale grey (I got this impression from the tester) but it’s actually a bit more of a pale purple once you have it on the wall, although it varies greatly depending on the light.

You may notice that the steps are white in this shot as well. The stairs up to the top bedrooms have finally had the carpet removed and the first coat of white floor paint.

Here are the dogs on the same spot when we first moved in.

When the carpet came up you could see how in the past there had been a thin carpet running all the way up the stairs. This is something that’s in the plan but it has proved a struggle finding the right width which is also affordable. Harder than you’d think.

A few more coats needed, but you start to get the idea.

And so working up the levels in the house has meant decisions on door colours on the first landing (bathroom and sitting room) and top floor (bedrooms).

First landing is now Cooking Apple Green.

We’ve left all the old key holes in the doors, I think it adds a bit of character. The woodwork surrounds are still to be done as is the skirting. They will be Strong White like the floor.

Landing floorboards still to be painted.

Then top floor another similar colour. This is actually the colour of the front door from the old house. There was some paint left over and so this seemed a good place to use it up. French Grey.

Then inside the bathroom the door to the cupboard hiding the washing machine has also changed colour. Now it’s Lulworth Blue.

The little green door knob is from a selection I bought a while ago from Anthropologie.

That’s all the new colour inside. More colour outside.

The shed has received a beach hut make-over.

Also in the garden, exciting developments on the garden office. A roof has been fitted that isn’t a blue tarp and it’s also received a lick of paint. This time Down Pipe.

This is the view from the kitchen window.

And back towards the house from the office. A bit to do in the garden….

And last thing, while I had the paints out I painted this set of steps from Ikea (they’re to help me reach almost everything in the kitchen).

They match the first floor doors, Cooking Apple again.

Starting work on the basement and other bits and bobs

We have finally started work on our rather depressing basement. The bathroom in what we refer to as the outhouse is the main initial focus. We are trying to sort out the entrance to the room from what will be a living room.

The plan for the basement is that it will be a semi-separate flat that we can choose to rent out (and cover some of the renovation costs) or take back as use a guest space should we need it. It has its own front door underneath the main front door and it needs a lot of work, more than anywhere else in the house. But we are starting with the bathroom and I think you can see why….

I kind of wish we could keep this wallpaper.



It’s only a small space and so we’re struggling with how the layout in there will work. We have a lot of planning and decision-making to do downstairs and that will probably slow our progress as we find it easier to do a bit, take a look, think it over and then press on. But we will get there in the end.

Oh and we had to buy a shed to put all the DIY stuff we have been storing in the basement in. We’re going to paint it to look a bit like a beach hut.

Inside more wallpaper stripping has taken place in the trickier to reach areas around the top landing. This is in preparation for plastering the worst sections which we have already done on the first and ground floor. Soon we’ll need to agree on colours and flooring for the hall and stairs. But not just yet.

In the main bathroom, which is currently my favourite room in the house, I am still trying to decide on whether we should have wallpaper or leave it plain. If we do have wallpaper it will be just on one wall.

I got my selection of samples out and had a look at them in the space.

We quite like this one. But it’s not really right for a bathroom I think although it’s quite fun. It is by Lewis and Wood.

The we have this paper which I have talked about loads already on here. It’s by Timorous Beasties. I have decided against however as it is on a cream background and I want to keep the rest of the walls white now (final decision) and I think that will look ill-considered. But I will try to use it elsewhere in the house because it is cool.

I like this one too but it’s also a no for the same reasons as above. It’s from Zoffany.

And so that leaves this as my current favourite. It’s a bit lurid, but I like it and it’s from wallpaper direct and pleasingly is one of the cheaper one.

Oh and because the bathroom is the most finished I am able t do nice things like buy flowers to go in there without it being pointless and lost amongst rubble as they would be elsewhere.


Totally plastered and a collection of random images

A new year and we’re back on track with the house. Starting with a big plastering project.

We’ve decided to get the front hall and the top three floors of stairs done. Some sections need to be totally replaced as the plaster is shot, some bits are full of holes and some sections just need simple skimming to touch up what is already there.

But to be ready for the plasterer we had to get all the wallpaper stripped so it was easy for him to start work.

Holes roughly filled.

Some places are quite hard to reach…

Unfortunately we didn’t leave enough time and some late night work was required.

In the front hall the arch has been sadly ruined. We need to look for some corbels to fit beneath this which are as in keeping as we can mange to give this a bit of detail and interest back.

And so we’re all set and work started today. Once done we’re onto choosing a colour scheme. We’re hoping that tidying the hall and stairs up will make the house look less like a building site and more like a home that needs a bit of work. It’s a subtle but important difference…

Next up a selection of scrapbook shots, images I have collected. In some cases I want to keep them as reminders for the house and some I just like.

In no particular order.

A lampshade made out of a bucket.

A chair with cutlery printed onto it.

A matching row of lights (I’ve always wanted this for the kitchen).

Some great floor tiles.

Plants growing in old tins.

And finally a kitchen display in Anthropologie.

Stairway to heaven

Klaus and I stayed up late recently and took off all the panelling on our stairs. The results were both good and bad.

The staircase itself is a nice design, quite slim and elegant and once given a bit of tlc should look great. We’re thinking of having the spindles white and the hand rail plain wood.

However many of the spindles are missing, probably a third so we will either need to see if the design is already available to buy or get them copied.

Plus the ends have been chopped off presumably so they fitted into the paneling more easily.

And the final blow is that the ends of each step has also be knocked off on every single one and so they will all need to replaced too. Again it’s probably not that tricky just a shame.