Bathroom designs

The bathroom has been a bit static recently. We had the wall taken down in the room early on which previously made it both a bathroom and kitchen. Weird. Then we installed a new bath, sink, shower, loo and washing machine which has gone into a little utility cupboard in the corner of the room. And to be honest we’ve quickly got used to it at this functional stage.

But this week we have had our plasterer back and so that means we can start thinking about painting the walls and what we’re going to do with the room.

I saw this picture in a magazine, Living Etc I think and liked it (it started my recent pink obsession).

Why they keep a suitcase under the sink I don’t know. But ignore that.

So I was thinking maybe lots of white with a fresh green and bright pink.

I’ve posted here before about this Toile paper by Timorous Beasties.

I love how it seems to be one thing but is in fact another and it could be my green. But it’s cream background isn’t quite right and it’s £100. Maybe for somewhere else.

Recently I picked up a copy of House and Garden and saw this paper by Original Little Bird and I think its £35 a roll so much cheaper. A sample is coming my way.

The bath is in the center of the room and that does mean we need to think of a way of giving some privacy from the window.

We hate frosted windows and so I’m thinking of getting a super old-fashioned lace curtain.

And we need to think about how we’re going to dry clothes on dull winter days. We have decided to get an overhead airer which we’ll position somewhere above the bath so you can relax and look up at your knickers drying.

Finally flooring. I really really want black and white tiles. Klaus wants carpet. We’ll see how that pans out.

But in the meantime we need to get the walls finished, plastered, painted and go from there. I’ll be interested to see how closely we stick to these initial plans.

Swedish Style

I’ve just come back from a long weekend in Stockholm with some friends. I knew it would be a great design destination but we genuinely saw great style pretty much everywhere we went.

From neat touches just on the street.

To pretty much every cafe we went into.

These tiles are quite similar to some I had been considering for our bathroom but were ultimately too pricey.

It all felt very effortless as and though were you Swedish you just wouldn’t notice that much.

This picture was just in a clothes shop. I think it’s actually a photo printed onto chipboard, but I thought it was really effective. And probably not that hard to get done. 

But what I really noticed was the range and options in terms of light fittings. They feel very very samey here sometimes but the following images are either lights from antique / second-hand shops or in cafes, restaurants and bars we went to. 

We saw a lot in a similar style to the light fitting in our sitting room, which was pretty pleasing. 

And if all that is a bit to tasteful how about an owl with glowing red eyes? I admit I was very tempted.

We didn’t really seek out any furniture or antique shops these were more ones we came by so I think it would be well worth another visit.

What the papers say

We move on Friday this week and so Klaus went out this morning to buy a Sunday Times, to read and then immediately recycle as we spend the day packing. 

A few things in the home section caught my eye. In a feature about bold decorative statements in the smallest room (something I am all in favour of) a few interesting sites were mentioned. 

First up (from my re-jigged list) is Beware the Moon. A high-end wallpaper manufacturer I particularly like the Ostrich range. I like the idea of the She range but they are somehow too sparse for my taste. 

Next and already a recurring theme is patterned tiles this time from Welbeck. These are I admit a long way along the road to chintzville but what the hell. Then lastly I really like these quirky lights from originalbtc.

I’d say a bit weird for a bathroom but a very charming idea. 

Right we’re off for a walk in the park then down to some serious packing.